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Range of products for repair and rehabilitation of RCC Structures

What are the different products used for repairs and rehabilitation of concrete buildings and structures?
Repair and rehabilitation are important for maintaining the structural integrity and longevity of concrete buildings and structures. Over time, factors like environmental conditions, usage, and construction flaws can lead to defects such as cracks and corrosion across bridges, dams, highways, buildings etc. Timely interventions through repair and rehabilitation can address these issues and also ensure the safety of occupants and the public. Additionally, these measures prove cost-effective by addressing issues early on, preventing them from escalating into major problems requiring extensive reconstruction.The selection of appropriate products is important in this process, involving materials and solutions that align with the specific needs of the buildings and structures. Considerations such as compatibility, durability, and performance tailored to unique challenges are crucial. Informed choices in product selection not only address immediate issues effectively but also prevent further deterioration.La Greens stands out as the leading manufacturer of repair and rehabilitation products, offering a comprehensive range that includes resin grout, epoxy resin grout, repair mortar, micro-concrete, and glass fibre composite systems. 

Range of La Greens Repair and Rehabilitation products

La Barfix – Multi-Purpose Polyester Resin Grout for Structuring Rebars (Vertical & Horizontal) (Sets in less than 30 minutes)

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La Barfix
A multipurpose polyester resin grout designed for various anchoring applications with high pullout strength characteristics. It consists of a two-part system comprising a base polyester resin and powder hardener. Once hardened, the grout ensures consistent and reproducible anchorages. It’s also used in Overhead horizontal and Vertical holes. The product consistency has to be designed as per the application requirement. 


  • Low-cost Anchoring Chemical Grout.
  • High-strength, corrosion-resistant anchoring of bolts and bars (8 – 51mm diameter) into concrete, rock, masonry, or brickwork.
  • Permanent installations of reinforcement starter bars, foundation bolts, base plates, balustrading, barriers, safety fences, railway tracks, tie-back anchors, reinforcement dowelling abutments, and ground anchors for towers, cranes, and dock sills.
  • Sets under water / Moisture environment. 

La DynoGrout LVEP – High Strength, Low Viscous Epoxy Injection Grout

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La DynoGrout LVEP
A solvent-free epoxy resin grout, is designed for adhesive grouting of gap widths (0.25 to 10mm) and for anchoring and repairing spalls and cracks. This two-component system comprises a base and hardener, supplied in correct proportions for on-site mixing.


  • Integrate repair applications of steel plate bonding strengthening with concrete membrane to effectively transfer loads.
  • To fill voids in concrete for increasing the structural strength 

La StrucRep GP- Cementitious Structural Grade Fibre Reinforced Repair Mortar

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La StrucRep GP
A ready-to-use single-component polymer-modified repair mortar with fibres and silica fume. It offers a fine, smooth repaired surface and is reinforced with acid & alkali-resistant synthetic fibres with excellent elongation characteristics that can resist cracks.


  • Repairing load-bearing structures, precast concrete elements, honeycombs, surface defects, blow-holes, tie rod holes, and minor damages.
  • Vertical, overhead, and floor patch repair situations with flexibility in consistency adjustment by varying water content.

La StrucRep MC40 D- Dual Shrinkage Compensated Free Flow Cementitious Micro Concrete

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La StrucRep MC40 D


  • Repairs to damaged reinforced concrete elements where access is restricted and vibration of the placed material is challenging.
  • Structural strengthening measures like encasement build-ups and jacketing.

La StrucRep MC80 – Non-Shrink, High Performance Cementitious Micro Concrete 


  • Strengthening of high grade concrete structural elements like Beam / Column with early high strength character.

La StructWrap CF Composite – Carbon Fibre system for structural strengthening

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La StructWrap CF Composite
A composite system that comprises of La StrucWrap EP epoxy and La StrucWrap CF reinforcing Carbon fiber fabric. La StructWrap CF is a specifically engineered, unidirectional E-glass reinforcing fabric used in conjunction with the La StructWrap structural composite system. 


  • Strengthening columns, beams, and slabs of load-bearing structures, especially where improvement to shear strength and deformation characteristics is required.
  • Ideal for seismic retrofitting in piers, columns, beams, slabs, retaining walls, masonry bridges, pipes, chimneys, tunnels, and other structures.
La Greens offers a complete range of products, ensuring that each specific structural need is addressed with a tailored solution.

About the company

La Greens India Pvt. Ltd. (LGIPL), a fast-growing Indian multinational company headquartered in Bengaluru, specialises in the manufacturing and supply of a wide range of construction chemical products across India that includes Admixtures, Waterproofing, Structural Repairs, Protective Coating, Grouts & Anchors etc. With state-of-the-art facilities in Tumkur, Karnataka and Burdwan, West Bengal, the company has firmly established its presence in the construction industry. The company’s founders and top management bring extensive experience in construction chemicals, having worked with leading multinational companies in India. The company’s focus is to continuously research, achieve technological excellence and implement environmentally-friendly practices to develop innovative, high-quality products while leveraging cutting-edge chemistry to provide customized solutions for their distributors.To know more about the products, visit
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