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Grinding and polishing of concrete floors with planetary floor grinder

Concrete grinding and polishing are essential processes used to eliminate imperfections, stains, and surface unevenness, resulting in a smooth and glossy floor surface. Grinding involves the use of different grits of abrasives to remove imperfections and stains, while polishing employs progressively finer grits to create a glossy, reflective finish. These processes are necessary to prepare the floor surface for various applications i.e. floor covering, coating etc. And finer grits are used for dust proofing & polishing that gives a glossy & smooth surface on stone or concrete. The selection of the right machine for grinding and polishing is crucial, and the Surie Polex planetary floor grinder HSP-650 is an ideal choice. Surie Polex HSP-650 is a specialized floor preparation and finishing machine featuring a multi-head, circular motion drive system that ensures even and precise grinding or polishing across large surface areas. It features  a frequency control drive, and an aluminium alloy gearbox with a planetary drive, making it well-suited for grinding and polishing expansive surfaces in materials like marble, granite, and concrete.
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Its user-friendly design includes a folding handle and separable joint for effortless transportation. Additionally, it can be equipped with a vacuum cleaner or dust collector that makes it an ideal choice for dust-free operations. With variable speed controls, dust collection mechanisms, and a user-friendly design for easy maneuverability, this machine excels in removing imperfections, coatings, and levelling surfaces in applications ranging from industrial  to commercial facilities.

Advantages of Surie Polex HSP-650 

  • Equipped with a robust three-phase CE certified 10HP motor, this machine provides the necessary power for efficient grinding and polishing.
  • The frequency control drive system offers flexibility in adjusting the machine’s speed, making it suitable for various applications like level preparation, grinding and polishing. 
  • The use of an aluminium alloy gearbox with a planetary drive ensures durability and reliable performance.
  • The folding handle and separable joint design make it easy to transport and move the machine between different work areas.
  • It can be equipped with a vacuum cleaner or a dust collector that ensures a dust-free working environment.
  • Available in both 3-head and 4-head plate versions, offering flexibility in the choice of configuration based on your specific needs.
  • With a working width of 650mm, it can cover a substantial area in a single pass.
  • The 30-litre water tank provides ample amount of water for wet grinding of stones during operation, extending the machine’s lifespan.
  • The machine’s speed is adjustable in the range of 100 to 1500 rpm, allowing for precise control depending on the task.

About Surie Polex:

Established in 1985, Surie Polex is a leading manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of Floor Polishing Products. Their products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility and encompass top-grade Polishing Abrasives, Diamond Pads, Diamond Tools, Floor Polishing Machines, and Concrete Densifiers.

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